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Customers We Serve


Our customers consist of several types of outlet, including:

Restaurants & Cafes

Over the years, we have been a partner and supplier to various types of restaurant and café, from Western food, Chinese food, to Indonesian food, from fine dining, fast food, café, to local restaurant.

Hotel & Resort

We also serve a various type of hotel from 4 star and 5 star hotels, business hotels, boutique hotels, services apartments, guest houses, to resort hotels.


We serve a wide range of catering business from aero caterer, catering for wedding and corporate events, to catering which provides meals for employee and household.

Bakery & Food Industries

We provide a wide range of baker ingredients such as margarine, baking powder, emulsifier, bread improver, chocolate, cheese, and filling in various flavors to bakery/cake shops, snack industry, from home industry to modern industry with local and national scale.

Bakery & Food Suppliers

In distributing our products, we also distribute through bakery and food suppliers.

Others Outlets

Other than serving food services, we also supplying productst to various outlet like:

  • Office Building & Industries
  • Cleaning Services
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Sport Club & Fitness Center
  • School and Education Institution
  • Modern Markets
  • Shopping Mall & Public Facilities
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